Spring Dreaming | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

Spring Dreaming


Spring Dreaming | How to be Awesome on $20 a Day

It’s March, and I’m ready to deep dive into Spring. I’ve had enough of boots and scarves and sweaters. I’m ready for sunshine and grass and flowers. Here’s just a few things I’m dreaming about this Spring.

Sunday Brunch: Sweet E's Cafe

I just bought a waffle iron, so I’m thinking this Spring I’m going to have to waffle everything. This yeasted waffle recipe is up first, but I also want to try Hash Brown Waffles, Cornbread Waffles, and Brownie Waffles, just to start off with.



We still have plenty of things to explore right here in Glasgow. I still haven’t actually made it inside the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, and I think this Spring will be the perfect time for it. There are also plenty of opportunities for al fresco dining in the area if it stops raining. Sunshine, people. We need sunshine. What a lovely Saturday afternoon this could be. 


This country is littered with castles, and it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been to one. I’m greedy for castles, you guys. I don’t even have a particular castle in mind, but there’s surely on close by. I want to pack a picnic and a bottle of wine and be surrounded by a bit of history and magic. 



Similarly, I’ve heard there are some pretty outstanding hikes nearby. I don’t know, but I think they call them hill walks around here. No matter what they’re called, I think it will be a huge difference from the jungles and volcanoes we used to hike back in Hawaii. I’m hoping to spot some local wildlife, eat lots of nuts and chocolate, and get all renewed by nature and junk.



Everyone keeps telling me I need to take a trip out to Loch Lomond. I hear it’s easily accessible from Glasgow, so we could easily make a day trip of it. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be extra stingy for a while and save up to stay for the weekend. It looks like there’s a lot to explore.

I’m ready for some Spring renewal. Let’s have all the adventures. What are you dreaming of this Spring?

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