Be Awesome: Keep Working | How to Be Awesome on $20 a Day

Be Awesome: Keep Working

There’s only one thing you can do to reach your goals, and that’s to keep working toward them. And don’t forget to be awesome.

Be Awesome: Keep Working | How to Be Awesome on $20 a Day

If there’s one thing I’m really good at, it’s quitting. I’ve lost track of the of how many times I almost quit writing this silly little food blog. I’d put in a bunch of time and energy for a few weeks, then life would get stressful, and it was an easy thing to eliminate. “Nobody reads it anyway, so what’s the point,” I’d tell myself. I’d throw a little pity party in my mind and justify not putting in the effort.

I completely erased the possibility of making blogging a job. I sucked, so what was the point? No, I wouldn’t even let myself think about it. I should just learn to be satisfied with what I have. It’s not a terrible life. So what if I wasn’t completely in love with my job? Most people aren’t. I’m just being selfish wanting something that I will clearly never be able to achieve. Just quit.

But for some reason, I always came back. Sometimes I’d disappear for weeks, but I’d always find my way back somehow. Why? Why couldn’t I just make a clean break and walk away?

I think it’s because I still really wanted it. I still had a spark of belief that I could do what other people had done and support myself with a food blog. Look, I don’t need six figures. I just want to have some control over my life. I want to have my success measured by my own work, and not by the whims of a teenager. Mostly, I just really want to bake cookies in my yoga pants instead of going to the office.

But when I feel overwhelmed and discouraged, quitting is so easy. So tempting. Nobody else is depending on me. I can just walk away, and it won’t matter. It won’t matter to anyone but me. I’ll know that I failed at yet another thing. I gave up because I’m a loser.

One of the things I’ve been doing the past few months is really putting a lot of intentional effort into changing the way I talk to myself. I was extremely hard on myself, and maybe you are, too. How many times a day do we allow the voice in our head to criticize and belittle us? Probably too many to count. You would never, for a minute, considering talking that way to a friend, but when it’s just you alone in your head, you suddenly turn into a complete monster.

Despite all these good intentions, there are have been times in the past few weeks where, yet again, that voice in my head has told me to quit. I’m wasting my time. It will never work. I’m awful, and I should just give up now. Take a nap or watch a movie instead. I suck. Get used to it.

But this time, I’m not listening.

I’m trying to change a lot about myself and the way I approach my blog right now. I’m never going to turn it into a business if I just keep quitting. The only way to get ahead is to keep moving forward. Maybe it’s true that I’m just not good enough. That’s one version of the story I could tell myself. Or maybe I just need to work harder, get better, become so good they can’t ignore me.

I choose to keep working. To keep learning, to keep growing, to keep trying, right here in front of your eyes. And I sincerely hope that if there’s something you’ve been turning away from because it was easier not to try, that you give it one more go. Put your whole soul into it this time, and just see what happens. And then when it seems like it’s not going to work, just try a little harder this time.

Trust me. There are enough people in this world who want to tell us that we suck. We don’t need to do it to ourselves. So let me tell you right now that you are brilliant. You deserve to have your dreams come true. Whatever you do, don’t quit. Don’t let that negative voice boss you around. Get up in the morning, take a shower, put on your favorite shirt, remind yourself that you are awesome, and go out there and kick some ass, friends. It’s gonna be the best year yet. We’ll get there together.

Be Awesome: Be Inspired

Be Awesome: Be Inspired

Be Awesome: Be Inspired

It’s been almost two years since I first swallowed my embarrassment and hit publish on this silly little blog. I spend an excessive amount of time thinking and daydreaming about food and blogging for someone who works full time at a job not related to either of those things. My dream of making blogging my job is just as implausible as it was two years ago, and yet I can’t quit.

Why am I even saying these things out loud? I promise it’s not to bore you, though that’s no doubt what I’ve done. When I started this blog, I made two hard and fast rules; to have fun and to be true to my voice. 

When blogging starts to feel like a chore, I’m breaking rule number one. When I think about my stats more than my own creativity, I’m breaking rule number two. It’s time to reevaluate. It’s time to be inspired. 



I’m inspired every day by the ocean and the mountains that surround me, the rainbows that spring up like magic, and even the rain that traps me inside.

I’m inspired by a walk through the grocery store, spying new flavors and imagining new combination. The colors and smells make me smile. I could spend all day just wandering the aisles.

I’m inspired by my husband and my daughter who love me even on days like today when I’m trapped in my own head.

I’m inspired by you, you crazy kid. You keep reading, and I don’t know why, but I love you for it.

And because I can’t bear to leave you with only my own pathetic musings, here are the bloggers that really inspire me. They are endlessly creative. Their voices are pure and go straight to my heart. Their success feels effortless, though I know they must work their butts off. I think it’s the dancer in me that believes effortlessness is a virtue. 

When I grow up I want to be just like:

  • Darla at Bakingdom. I have secret plans to stalk her across the globe until I can finally meet her one day and buy her a chai.
  • Jessica at How Sweet It Is, who manages to talk so winningly about her personal life without making a complete dork of herself.
  • Joy at Joy the Baker. She is everything!
  • Tracy at Shutterbean. Can I just live in her photos?
  • Megan from Take a Megabite. She’s just too adorable to live.
  • Sarah at The Sugar Hit. Everything about her site is so tight. It’s the perfect delicious little package.

Who inspires you to grow? Where are you trying to get to? What do you want to be when you grow up? Whatever it is, never stop moving toward it.

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