Renee Rendall

The witch's new year is almost here, so I'm sharing 105 recipes to celebrate Samhain. Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or having a simple dumb supper with your ancestors, make sure your feast is extra awesome.

Apples & Cider

Apples are associated with the afterlife and the Fae. And with their hidden pentagram inside, they're also commonly associated with witches.

Autumn Herbs & Spices

Samhain is a fire festival, which means we get to celebrate with cinnamon. Plus all the other awesome herbs and spices that are so attached to this season.


There are lots of legends and myths about the passing of corn deities at this time of year. The harvest represents a sacrifice made by the corn god or goddess so that the people may thrive.


Cranberries honor both water and fire, and the way they're harvested certainly makes them look like a lake of fire.


Before fun-size Snickers bars, children used to receive the fruits of life at Samhain, which often included hazelnuts.


I love the earthy, grounding energy of potatoes. And with all the psychic energy floating around at this time of year, we could all use a bit of grounding.


Persephone was bound to the underworld forever after eating a pomegranate seed. The juice can also be used as a symbol for blood in spells and rituals.


It can't be Samhain without pumpkins. Whether you've got your own pumpkin patch, you're roasting your jack-o-lanters, or just popping open a can of pumpkin puree, you're in for a treat.

Sweet Potato, Root Veg & Squash

Following the Wheel of the Year is all about eating the seasons. We're looking at root veggies and squashes right now, and I'm all about the sweet potato.

Favorite Samhain Recipes

Black Pudding Hash

Apple Butter & Sharp Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Make some kitchen magick