Where I Really Want to Eat


There was a Saturday a few weeks back where I woke up knowing that I wanted to take some photos at a restaurant to share with you what I love about it.

The first place I had in mine went by the wayside because I looked at their menu again online that morning and realised there was only one thing on the menu that I actually liked, and it didn’t even sound that good. Clearly my memories of that restaurant were based on how much fun I had that day, and not actually on the food.

Then we thought we’d go to one of Geoff’s favorite places, but it was 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon, and we couldn’t get a table. It’s still on my list, but it didn’t work out that day.

We headed to a third place but both realised that we weren’t actually that excited about eating there and only liked it as the best of a bad choice for that type of food. We didn’t want to spend out time and money, or my energy telling you about it here, on a place that we didn’t truly think was awesome.

After all that wandering and indecision, we were hungry and wanted to eat something we knew would make us happy. We looked down the street and decided to go to Five Guys, and I’ll be honest, most of the time that’s secretly where I wish I was eating.

If we were back home in America, I don’t know if I’d crave it as much, but there are not a lot of restaurants that I really love in Glasgow, and Five Guys has, hands down, the best burgers and shakes in the city.

A Five Guys burger is juicy, the bacon is crisp and chopped into pieces so you don’t end up pulling out an entire slice of bacon on your first bite, the buns are soft, and you’re in control of the toppings, so you can get it exactly the way you want it.

The shakes are made with actual ice cream. They’re thick and impossible to get through the straw for about a minute, which is the way a milkshake should be. You can combine flavors to makes dozens of combinations. They don’t mess around.

I usually skip the fries because I’m plenty full and happy without them, but their fries are also great. You can tell just by looking at them that they were actual potatoes not long before they went in your mouth. They didn’t arrive frozen from a factory. They’re also generously seasoned which makes them difficult to stop eating.

Five Guys might not be glamorous or sophisticated, but neither am I. This is what I most want to eat when I go out, and I’m constantly having to talk myself out of going there. But let’s not stand in the way of our own happiness, friends. Embrace great burgers and shakes. Get on board.

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